• Kalli on Horse in Pasture at Cowboy Cattle Drive
  • We just found our new home!!

    My Fiance booked this cowboy cattle drive vacation for us and to be honest I wasn’t sure about the idea of living like a cowboy 200 years ago until I had the experience.  This experience was better than what I expected it to be, to be part of a working ranch, assisting in any way I can. The dutch oven cooking was phenomenal, just like the old days. The running river next to the tents was so tranquil, I felt like I was living 200 years ago. The horses were well mannered, great staff and the scenery was incredible. Crayola couldn’t keep up with all the colors on the pastures and forest. Bathing in the creek was chilly and fantastic.  Our campfire conversations were awesome. We even participated in branding the cattle. I just felt like we were back in time and I didn’t want to leave, it literally brought tears to my eyes as we were coming down the mountain. We will be back here every year.

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