Private Hunting Preserve

The Rafter Star Ranch Private Hunting Preserve is within a cow/calf, cattle operation where we have never allowed outside hunting on the property. 2018 will be our premier opening season allowing hunting on the preserve to the general public, because of this we are flourishing with wild game.

We maintain a robust Alfalfa pasture and cereal grain stock for our cattle operation that attract Deer, Elk and Antelope from far and wide. When we feed our livestock it is typical to witness wild game walk right up and eat with our animals.

The Rafter Star Ranch Private Hunting Preserve is rich in game due to our extremely limited hunting on the grounds. So we will be hosting a very limited number of annual hunters to maintain our private wildlife numbers. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon in the fall months to see 500 deer in our hay meadows, a sight to see!

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