We need to know a few things about you before booking your trip. We ask these questions so we can make sure you will enjoy your trip and the experience will be what you expected. While we will try our best to accommodate your needs we like to make sure you fall within these perimeters.

So here’s a list of our restrictions:

  • Age: 13-70 years old, with exceptions for rider experience. If your child, under 13, is a great rider, we will discuss on a case by case basis.
  • Height: 4 feet tall minimum
  • Weight: A maximum weight of 275lbs.
  • Mandatory Items: Your own Sleeping bag with a zero degree rating.
  • Suggested Items: Cowboy boots/packer boots, cowboy hat, warm jacket, Sunscreen, Chapstick, Wet Wipes w a ziplock bag.
  • Clothing: We recommend wearing layered clothes. The temp goes from chilly mornings to warm afternoons, to chilly nights and you’ve got saddle strings on the back of your saddle to roll up and tote your jacket when it warms up during the day.
  • Luggage: Due to limited space only (1) Military duffle bag is allowed per cowboy/cowgirl. (see recommended)

Things to bring:

  • Sleeping Bag (rated to 0 degrees preferred)
  • Coat, Sweater, Leather or Cotton Gloves
  • Slicker (Rain Gear)
  • Riding Boots with minimum 1/2″ heel
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Towel
  • Brimmed Hat or Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Insect Repellant
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Camera, Film, Batteries
  • Canteen, Water Bottle, or Camel Back
  • Personal toiletries (not toilet paper it’s supplied)

How long will we typically ride for in a day?

While you can always ride longer if you choose we typically will ride in the mornings for 4-5hours and optionally in the evenings. However during OPENING and CLOSING SEASON Weeks, that time will be more like 8 hours a day, so if you’re a die hard make sure to book those weeks for your trip. They are very fun and rewarding.

Do I need horse riding experience?

Not at all. Infact, the very first activity you will be involved in is to be put on your horse and taught the basics. We run you through our own horsemanship course and get you trail riding the first day.

What kind of horses do you have?

All Quarter horses

Can I bring my own horse?

Only if he fits in your carryon, other than that, absolutely NOT. We cannot be held responsible for any injury to your horse or other people, livestock or horses from your horse. Further, our horses are broke and trained the way we know what to expect with other guests. Our horses are also conditioned to the elevations, topographical area and workload as well.

Can I bring my own Saddle?

Yes definitely, providing it fits the horse properly and is of good using and working condition. Due to space constrictions only (1) saddle per cowboy/cowgirl. However, we will not allow any headgear or saddle pads except our own on our horses. We will not be responsible for any damage to your saddle if you choose to bring it.

Is no experience of cattle a problem?

No, we all the experience needed to move cattle and we will share and teach you all the knowledge we have to do it.

What's a Dude Ranch?

A Dude Ranch, is hotel resort & spa with restaurants that added some cattle and horses to take you on a couple trailrides. They brought some horses and cattle in for you to see, pet, ride and push around. The difference is we are one of the last traditional old west US Working Ranches in the country who make our living off the cattle and horses on our land. We are 100% the real deal doing it the old time way. You’ll be expected to do what we do everyday to turn profit on the ranch.

Why is Cowboy Cattle Drive unique?

Like we said earlier, we are the real deal cowboy adventure. You’ll sleep in a tent, eat over a campfire and ride on the open range. For most rides there are no trails. We deal with each ride and day as if it’s brand new based on what needs to be done today. Cowboys don’t wait for the weather. Come rain or shine we will be up and running the cattle.

How Safe are your trips?

In 10 years of operations we have yet to have a major accident. Anytime you are dealing with animals and nature there is an inherent risk of injury. We attempt to make every trip as safe as possible. We have emergency plans and we take many precautions. On every trip, we try to have a RN, EMT, or someone first aid certified on staff. Our medical person will also be carrying a satellite cell phone. However, we cannot guarantee anyone’s safety as accidents can happen. Remember this is the real wilderness where anything is possible. Building trust, knowing where your team and staff are and learning about horses and survival are all basic principles that we cover at the beginning of your trip.

How difficult is this to complete?

While we can always accommodate you to adjust the adventure a bit to your taste, keep in mind that even the weakest of bodies with a strong mental outlook can complete this trip and have a great adventure doing so!


Is there communications, phones, electricity and running water? 

Luxuries? Not in the 1880’s and certainly not on our trip.


We do have an outdoor shower under a barrel of warm water. However we don’t suggest it first thing in the morning, it’s a little chilly out until the afternoon.  You do have the ability to take a bird bath in the creek, it’s fresh cold ice melt creek so let’s see who’s interested to jump in there.


There are outhouses in cow camp, a little primitive but works for the purpose. On the open range, no.  Out there you go al’natural just don’t squat on your spurs, and through your papers in the fire back at camp later. Better to bring along some paper and or wet wipes and a ziplock bag.  We leave only footprints on the range. On the range we do have female wranglers with the women guests that will help and direct you for toiletries.