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Are You Ready to live the Cowboy Life?1800's Cowboy Adventure Vacation

So you think you wanna be cowboy? Then perhaps it’s time to take a step back in time, about 140  years to be exact, try on some boots and live a cowboy adventure for a while!  We’ll take you on the adventure of your life, and live just like they did on horseback in the Big Horn Mountains, and eating off our 1800’s chuck wagon with traditional foods! If you’re ready for the Old West Adventure and you’ve got the True Grit to live it the way they lived, then you may have arrived to the right place, the Cowboy Cattle Drive. We pride ourselves in keeping the cowboy traditions alive and will teach them to anyone willing to learn. Our Cowboy Cattle Drive is 100% the real deal. An Authentic Cowboy Adventure.



Say goodbye to your modern luxuries for a fully inclusive week and take a deep breath to reconnect with our earth and all its magnificent splendor of nature that most people will never experience out in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Miles away from modern sounds and without cell signal, you have truly wander free of civilization. We’ve all had a vacation, but how about a true life experience. One week with our cowboys and you’ll experience for yourself why we live and work here for yourself. There is no other place we would rather be. Home on the open range.

Experience TheCowboy Cattle Drive in the 1880's

Open your eyes with the sun, smell the open wood fire brewing up your morning cup of coffee and hot plate of breakfast. Our days begin and end the exact same as if you were living in 1880. We are 100% date period correct with our style of activities. We work and build with our two hands. You will learn about yourself and build confidence in everything cowboy.  Riding, Roping, pushing cattle, building cabins, fishing, hunting, archery, survival, learning about your surroundings and all while you’re in the middle of some of the most beautiful mountains and plains of our country. There’s work to be done today and your boots are going to do it.