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Living the life of a cowboy, moving cattle on horseback from pasture to pasture on the wide open range.

 All cattle drive groups start on Monday Morning at 7 am meeting in the lobby of the old historic Mill Inn, the closest hotel to the Sheridan airport. You can fly in early and see the town of Sheridan for as many days as you like and stay anywhere you like in town; in fact, we recommend it. And yes you can take an Uber or Taxi from the airport anywhere in town. It’s a small town and everything is close by.


  • 7 am Meeting at MILL INN Lobby, Sheridan Wyoming.
  • Assemble and leave with RSR Staff to the Cowboy Cattle Drive
  • 9 am basic horsemanship clinic, learning to ride and understand the basics.
  • 12 noon Lunch on the Chuckwagon
  • 1-6 pm Afternoon Activities
    • Horse light group Trail ride
    • Survival Class, teambuilding exercise teach you about the environment and what to do in emergencies.
  • 7 pm Dinner back at the Chuckwagon
    • Campfire stories, Historian, Cowboy & Indian Stories
    • Light card games, sleep around 9 pm


  • STAFF: Jingles horses, saddles up, checks equipment, split up into groups to move cattle to high grounds
  • 6 am Breakfast at the Chuckwagon
  • 7 am ALL Ride out looking for sick and lame cattle along the way, take photos on the way
  • Return to camp around 1 pm and afternoon activities:
    • Archery Shooting
    • Photo camp
    • Hiking
    • Cabin Building/Saw Mill
    • Short Trail Rides
    • Wagon Rides using teams
    • Fishing
    • Survival Classes
    • Dutch Oven Cooking lessons, Cowboy Cooking
    • or go back out for more Range Management (moving cows pasture to pasture with the cowboys)
  • Dinner back at the Chuckwagon around 7 pm
    • Campfire historians
    • Cowboy Stories
    • Indian Stories
  • Card games and then off to your bedroll.


  • STAFF: Jingles horses, saddles up, checks equipment, split up into groups to move cattle to high grounds
  • 6 am Breakfast at the Chuckwagon, bring your personal items with you to the Chuckwagon, they will be loaded for the trip down to the Mill Inn.
  • 7 am ALL Ride out looking for sick and lame cattle along the way, take photos on the way
  • Return to camp around 11 pm
  • 12 noon Lunch at the Chuck Wagon
  • 1 pm Ride out to the Mountain, farewell ride with your horse.
  • 2 pm Load up the trucks and head down to the Mill Inn.
  • 3 pm Hotel Check-in for hot showers and “light switches” supplied by Cowboy Cattle Drive
  • 6 pm Hay wagon Pickup out front Mill Inn headed out for dinner.
  • 6:30 pm Banquet Dinner at Cold Creek Cattle Company Steakhouse
    • Meals provided by Cowboy Cattle Drive
      • Awards
        • Top Cowboy
        • Top Horseman
        • Top Archer
        • Saddlebag of Shame
      • 10:30 pickup for hayride back to Mill Inn, or… you can find your way one bar at a time.


  • Wake up at your leisure, complimentary breakfast available in the lobby until 10 am. Depart for your flight or next destination!


While we will try our best to accommodate your needs we like to make sure you fall within these perimeters.

Here are some guidelines to observe:

  • Age: 13-70 years old, with exceptions for rider experience. If your child, under 13, is a great rider, we will discuss on a case by case basis.
  • Height: 4 feet tall minimum
  • Weight: A maximum weight of 275lbs.
  • Mandatory Items: Your own Sleeping bag with a zero degree rating.
  • Suggested Items: Cowboy boots/packer boots, cowboy hat, warm jacket, Sunscreen, Chapstick, Wet Wipes w a ziplock bag.
  • Clothing: We recommend wearing layered clothes. The temp goes from chilly mornings to warm afternoons, to chilly nights and you’ve got saddle strings on the back of your saddle to roll up and tote your jacket when it warms up during the day.
  • Luggage: Due to limited space only (1) Military duffle bag is allowed per cowboy/cowgirl. (see recommended)

Things to bring:

  • Sleeping Bag (rated to 0 degrees preferred)
  • Coat, Sweater, Leather or Cotton Gloves
  • Slicker (Rain Gear)
  • Riding Boots with minimum 1/2″ heel
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Towel
  • Brimmed Hat or Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Insect Repellant
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Camera, Film, Batteries
  • Canteen, Water Bottle, or Camel Back
  • Personal toiletries (not toilet paper it’s supplied)
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